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Our extensive grounds surrounding the Resort allow ample space for outdoor team events.


From the larger competitive team building event to the smaller more intricate obstacle course set up, there is a choice of areas available to our guests. Working in tandem with Ireland's leading Team Building companies, Mount Wolseley offers space and choice.

Popular events with our Team Building Partners include:

Irish Olympics - Celtic Challenge

A unique opportunity for participants to experience the richness of Irelands’ sporting traditions, as well as some novelty challenges. The emphasis is on fun but individuals can draw on their own personal and collective skills to build a cohesive team spirit.         

Wheelbarrow Race

A Ferrari in disguise this vehicle can perform at the very highest level as it negotiates a series of obstacles. Only a real ‘team’ effort between the passenger and the driver will give real results. 

Puc Fada

The ancient game of Hurling has been played in Ireland for over two thousand years and is now part of the cultural and sporting identity of the Irish people. Following a short introduction to the history and heritage of the game, participants will have the opportunity to test their own Hurling Skills.

Welly Throwing

The well known Welly throwing competition - test your Welly throwing skills!

Tug O’ War

This true test of team strength gets the team not just motivated but develops that great sense of team effort and bonding.

Turf Stacking

Has your team got the skills to set a new record, currently held by a group of Swedish Engineers of 2.2mtrs, in this challenging event? Not as easy as it looks using Turf!

Tower of Glendalough

The 6th-century monks' masters of defending their stronghold. This program forces the team to draw on all resources to solve the Monks task of moving the Tower. While the task seems simple at first it soon becomes apparent that everything is not as simple as it seems. Problem-solving and decision making are the main obstacles to the team achieving success. The team need to focus on issues such as sharing of information, forward planning, and implementing an agreed plan.


Fun Team Building Events


Escape The Room game

A tabletop iPad based game which uses image recognition and augmented reality. The Escape Challenge is a problem-solving team building activity for groups of any size. Based on the popular escape room challenges, it involves an hourlong collection of virtual tasks, where teams have the chance to solve puzzles, tackle questions and answer riddles. Starting in a ‘locked office’, teams are required to work their way through a series of tasks, which are displayed on interactive games screens, earning points as they go, on a mission to ‘escape’ within the 60-minute time limit. As well as being enjoyable, the challenge encourages team building and group engagement.

Code Breaker

In this frantic team building event, teams work together to break the codes and unlock the safe. They will be given a selection of props and locked boxes, requiring all of their creative and problem-solving abilities combined to crack the puzzles within the time provided. The event begins with a message delivered by the event coordinator who will start the countdown. Teams must then come up with the best approach to tackle the puzzles and begin solving. Teams will use their creativity and collaborative skills rather than physical power to open each lock, each one revealing a number of the safe’s code. Each puzzle solved will lead to another until all are solved and the winning team unlocks the safe. This is all about effective communication in solving a series of problems, there is no room for solo runs by individuals as this requires a team effort. 


Other Fun Team events include:

Windfall, Challenger, Big Picture, Ad Break, Movie Making, Toy Factory, Whiz Quiz, Team Samba 

Evening Entertainment

Disco Bingo

Casino Nights


Our Team Building Partners:


The Orchard Centre

Killaveney, Tinahely, County Wicklow

Telephone: 0402 34940



Dynamic Events


Unit 8, Burgage House, Blessington, Co. Wicklow

Telephone: 01 5545784




Let the competitions begin…